Hello, Lemuria Hello

by Ron Goulart

The Invisible Man spotlights the Lost Continent -- A Jack Conger novel.

When Ron Goulart gave the publisher of this book the original outline for it, he promised it would be one of the very few novels ever written to be based on the famous "Shaver Mystery" that agitated the world years before the UFO's appeared in the sky.

He also promised that it would give the real reason for the death of Elvis Presley.

Well, we have searched this novel through and we can't find Elvis Presley, so we cannot claim to give the real reasons for his sudden death. On the other hand, there is a pop singer named Amos Binky who comes to a sudden demise.

But since this is all taking place in the 21st Century and involves Jake Conger, who has a talent for the invisible, this obviously sheds no light on the late Elvis. Or does it?

As for the Shaver Mystery, yes, indeed, that part of Goulart's promise has been fulfilled. Now You Will Know All! HELLO, LEMURIA, HELLO deserves indeed to be the Award-winning book of the C.W.A. at its 2022 Convention.

First Published: 1979

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Hello, Lemuria Hello
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780879974510      ISBN 10: 0879974516
Publisher: DAW  1979

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