Hocus Pocus

by Kurt Vonnegut

Here is the adventure of Eugene Debs Hartke. He's a Vietnam veteran, a jazz pianist, a college professor, and a prognosticator of the apocalypse (and other things Earth-shattering). But that's neither here nor there. Because at Tarkington College--where he teaches--the excrement is about to hit the air-conditioning. And it's all Eugene's fault.

First Published:1990

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Hocus Pocus
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780399135248      ISBN 10: 0399135243
Publisher: Putnam  1990

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Hocus Pocus
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ISBN: 9780425130216      ISBN 10: 0425130215
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Hocus Pocus
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ISBN: 9780099878902      ISBN 10: 0099878909
Publisher: Vintage Books  1991

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Hocus Pocus
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780425161296      ISBN 10: 0425161293
Publisher: Berkley Books  1997

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