Indigo Slam

by Robert Crais

Life in the California sun suits Elvis Cole--until the day a fifteen-year-old girl and her two younger siblings walk into his office. Then everything changes.

Three years ago, a Seattle family ran for their lives in a hail of bullets. Hired by three kids to find their missing father, Elvis now must pick up the cold pieces of a drama that began that night. What he finds is a sordid tale of high crimes and illicit drugs.

As clues to a man's secret life emerge from the shadows, Elvis knows he's not just up against ruthless mobsters and some very angry Feds. He's facing a storm of desperation and conspiracy--bearing down on three children whose only crime was their survival...

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Indigo Slam
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780786862610      ISBN 10: 0786862610
Publisher: Hyperion Books  1997

Min: $1.45
Max: $119.52
Median: $24.95
# Books: 168

Indigo Slam
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780752816944      ISBN 10: 0752816942
Publisher: Orion  1999

Min: $3.99
Max: $64.98
Median: $8.59
# Books: 9

Indigo Slam
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780345435644      ISBN 10: 0345435648
Publisher: Fawcett  2003

Min: $1.00
Max: $59.60
Median: $4.78
# Books: 65

Indigo Slam
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780316376358      ISBN 10: 0316376353
Publisher: Hachette Books  2014

Min: $3.00
Max: $21.23
Median: $9.69
# Books: 57


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