The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie

The scene is set when a group of people gathered in a country house cut off by the snow discover, to their horror, that there is a murderer in their midst. Who can it be? One by one the suspicious characters reveal their sordid pasts until at the last, nerve-shredding moment the identity and the motive are finally revealed.

The Mousetrap is the longest-running play in the history of London's West End.

First Published:1953

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The Mousetrap
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Publisher: Dell Books  1977

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The Mousetrap
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The Mousetrap
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Publisher: HarperCollins  1993

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The Mousetrap
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780451201140      ISBN 10: 0451201140
Publisher: SIGNET  2000

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The Mousetrap
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ISBN: 9780573702440      ISBN 10: 0573702446
Publisher: Samuel French  2014

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