Murgunstrumm and Others

by Hugh B. Cave

Long before he became the author of polished romances for the slick magazines, of best-seller novels and firsthand-researched travel books -- Hugh B. Cave wrote some of the most grisly and chilling horror stories ever to appear in the pulps. Crawling forth from the Depression years -- from the haunted pages of Strange Tales, Weird Tales, Ghost Stories, Spicy Mystery Stories, Black Book Detective Magazine, Thrilling Mysteries, and elsewhere -- Wildside presents an omnibus of vintage nightmare, twenty-six of the best horror tales of Hugh B. Cave -- gruesomely illustrated with over thirty-five drawings by Lee Brown Coye. Coye, who lovingly devoted more than three years to this book, has created the finest and ghastliest work of his career for Murgunstumm and Others.

Be warned. This is a collection of Horror Tales.

Murgunstrumm and Others abounds with haunted houses, ravenous vampires, slobbering monsters, fiends human and inhuman, nights dark and stormy, corpses fresh and rotting. These stories exemplify the gothic horror thrillers of the 1930s -- no-holds-barred lurid chillers of violent action and scream-in-the-night terror. Like a vintage horror movie, Murgunstrumm and Others is an experience to be savoured best on a stormy, lonely night.

Hugh B. Cave and Lee Brown Coye -- combining their macabre talents to unleash a chamber of horrors -- will furnish you with a month of nightmares.

First Published: 1977
Short Story/Novella Collection

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Murgunstrumm and Others
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780913796023      ISBN 10: 0913796026
Publisher: Carcosa  1977

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Murgunstrumm and Others
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780809500697      ISBN 10: 0809500698
Publisher: Wildside Press  2010


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