by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg

On a planet with six suns, night is about to fall for the first time in two thousand years . . .

The planet Kalgash is on the brink of chaos--but only a handful of people realize it. Kalgash knows only the perpetual light of day; for more than two millennia, some combination of its six suns has lit up the sky. But twilight is now gathering. Soon the suns will set all at one--and the terrifying splendor of Nightfall will call forth a madness that signals the end of civilization.

Isaac Asimov's short story "Nightfall" first appeared in 1941. It has since become recognized as a classic, its author a legend. But the short story isn't the whole story. Now, Dr. Asimov has teamed with multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Robert Silverberg to explore and expand one of the most awe-inspiring concepts in the history of science fiction.

In this novel, you will witness Nightfall--and much more.

You will learn what happens at Daybreak.

First Published: 1941

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