Old-Time Radio Listener's Guide to Dark Fantasy

by Brian Schell

Dark Fantasy was an American radio supernatural thriller anthology series. It had a short run of 31 episodes, debuting on November 14, 1941, and ending on June 19, 1942. Its writer was Scott Bishop, and it originated from station WKY in Oklahoma City and was heard Friday nights on NBC stations. The stories found a nationwide audience almost immediately, but only lasted until the following summer.

This book is a listener's guide to the series. It briefly covers the creation and format of the series then looks at each of the existing episodes individually, including a synopsis, cast list, and commentary on each episode. The book includes links to hear the episodes (free of charge online from Archive.org), and the idea is to listen to the original episodes as you read through the book.

If you enjoy short horror fiction, this is a great find- there are stories involving Atlantis and other worlds, talking gorillas, voices from the grave, werewolves, and ghosts aplenty. If you are anything at all like the author, you loved listening to scary stories as a child, and now you can do it again... with Dark Fantasy.

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Old-Time Radio Listener's Guide to Dark Fantasy
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