The Masked Invasion

by Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis

Invisible, secret, deadly, the masked empire wielded its dread power of darkness throughout the nation. Havoc and ruin followed the terror-torn thousands who fled the country to escape the Thirteenth Darkness. America, faced with certain disaster, placed her chance of survival in one man's capable hands-and prayed that the warrior gods might smile once more upon the miracle man of her Secret Service-Jimmy Christopher

Originally printed in the April, 1934 issue of Operator 5 Magazine.

Jimmy Christopher is Operator 5, a talented young operative in the American Intelligence Service. In Masked Invasion, he fends off the Masked Empire, an organization that threatens the very existance of the United States as a democratic force. The Masked Empire possesses a weapon that can put an entire region of the United States under total darkness, with no ability to use any electrical machinery!

First Published: 1934

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The Masked Invasion
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The Masked Invasion
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