The Melting Death

by Curtis Steele and Frederick C. Davis

Out of the blue it struck-that dread, mysterious force, dealing death, destruction and misery to millions. America found herself stripped of her strongest defenses as battleships, huge guns, skyscrapers, factories and transportation systems crumbled to dust before the voracious flame. No one could tell where it came from; where it would next strike; no one was safe from its hot, devouring maw. An entire nation stood crippled, paralyzed by panic as Operator 5, alone, fought to save America from the red ruin loosed upon it.

Operator 5 Magazine, July, 1934

Re-awakening the spirit of patriotism in the United States, Special Intelligence Agent, Jimmy Christopher and his young companion, Tim Donovan, demonstrate unparalleled pride in their mission. As America's strongest defenses--battleships, transportation systems, steelworks--are reduced to dust by a mysterious deadly corrosive, only Operator 5 can put an end to this brutal devastation, and prevent its potential for worldwide destruction! Facing a baffling and dangerous test, he must solve the riddle of this Dust of Doom.

Curtis Steele offers up another riveting, thrilling and blood-tingling exploit. Operator 5, is a cunning, clever and likable chap. Even in the face of imminent disaster, there is a spirit of camaraderie, family and support. With his father, the ex-Operator Q-6; and Timmy Donovan, the young lad who had saved Jimmy's life years ago, Operator 5 has a loyal team behind him. Intriguing evidence lies around every turn, but it will take a journey all the way to the House of Representatives before this melting mystery is solved.

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Year First Published:1934
Series: Operator 5 # 4

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