The Red Death Rain      by Grant Stockbridge and Norvell Page

Gaunt and evil, like Death bearing a scythe, the lean man stalked the streets of the city. Destruction and a ghastly death followed him like the wake of a derelict ship. Tobacco smoke, spirited liquours, even tea and coffee brought tens of thousands to a choking, screaming, hideous end.

The Federal Government, baffled and clueless, was powerless to act, while the one man who could wrest victory from the arch plotters was being harried and persecuted by his best friend... With his beloved Nita betrayed into the hands of killers and he himself a helpless prisoner, how can Richard Wentworth ferret out and kill the mastermind behind the nation's agony? How can the SPIDER save thousands of his compatriots from the lean man's death toll?

Year First Published:1934
Series: The Spider # 15

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