Rookie of the Year

by John R. Tunis

The complex web of relationships that make up a major-league baseball team is the heart of this story about a rookie pitcher who becomes a threat to his team's chances for the pennant.

The Brooklyn Dodgers finally have a shot at the pennant—if they can stay together as a team

It’s Spike Russell’s second year in the majors with his brother, Bob, and the Brooklyn Dodgers are in the pennant race, thanks in part to rookie pitcher Bones Hathaway. Spike is finding it difficult to balance playing shortstop and managing the players, but he knows he’s up for the challenge.

But when the club secretary, Bill Hanson, starts criticizing Spike’s managerial skills and implying that the young manager is running the team into the ground, the crew Spike had such high hopes for begins to fall apart. Spike will have to prove himself to his teammates to regain their trust and lead them to victory.

First Published:1944

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Rookie of the Year
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Rookie of the Year
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Rookie of the Year
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