Second Stage Lensmen

by E.E. Doc Smith

Kim Kinnison, Number One man of his time, had faced challenges before - but rarely one as daunting as this. To him fell the perilous task of infiltrating the inner circle of Boskone, stronghold of galactic civilization's most deadly foe. Kinnison had to become a loyal Boskonian in every gesture, deed and thought. He had to work his way up through the ranks of an alien enemy organization, right into the highest echelons of power. Then it would be he who issued the orders - orders that would destroy his own civilization . . .

Second Stage Lensmen is the fifth self-contained novel in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's epic Lensman series, one of the all-time classics of adventurous, galaxy-spanning science fiction.

First Published:1941

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Second Stage Lensmen
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780515012620      ISBN 10: 0515012629
Publisher: Pyramid Books  1965

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Second Stage Lensmen
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780515021691      ISBN 10: 0515021695
Publisher: Pyramid Books  1970

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Second Stage Lensmen
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781718868496      ISBN 10: 1718868499
Publisher: Createspace  2018

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Max: $24.56
Median: $18.67
# Books: 3

Second Stage Lensmen
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781473224728      ISBN 10: 1473224721
Publisher: Gateway  2019

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Median: $6.55
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