The Shadow #2: Pyramid PB

The Black Master

by Maxwell Grant

The Shadow knows! The weed of crime bears bitter fruit, but none more deadly than the criminal genius called The Black Master.

Clearly it's a case for The Shadow... to uncover this emperor of evil who has turned New York into a city of fear! Not since Sherlock Homles locked wits with Professor Moriarity have there been such formidable opponents on the battlefield of crime!

The Shadow, the elusive voice in the night whose mocking laughter haunts all who have ever heard it: the man of many faces who is all things to all people in the name of justice. And The Black Master whose invisible hand kills the very men who serve him, leaving no trace, no quarter, not even an ounce of pity. Only terror... and a black metal tag which promises more to come.

The Shadow vs. The Black Master - two mysterious legends, equally matched, in a contest of giants! The Shadow! A strange creature clad in black, with the power to cloud men's minds which he learned in the Orient, and a mocking laugh which is the avenger's chilling note of triumph. The Shadow is one of the most exciting suspense figures of all time."

Year First Published:1974

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The Shadow #2: Pyramid PB
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780515034783
Publisher: Pyramid Books  1974

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Max Price: $134.82
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