The Shadow #7: Pyramid PB

The Red Menace

by Maxwell Grant

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow lives by darkness, gliding through the waiting night unseen, a mocking laugh his only calling card. None who have trafficking in crime will ever forget him. They may sneer at the law... but not at The Shadow.

Each generation of evil breeds a newer, strounger root, and The Shadow's latest adversary is no exception: The Red Menace. This brilliant, diabolical political assassin has decided to play both sides of the Revolution in order to steal the ultimate weapon... and invincible power.

Time is running out if The Shadow is to stop this crimson-masked megalomaniac from making his insane dreams come true! The Shadow! A strange creature clad in black, with the power to cloud men's minds which he learned in the Orient, and a mocking laugh which is the avenger's chilling note of triumph. The Shadow is one of the most exciting suspense figures of all time.

Year First Published:1975

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The Shadow #7: Pyramid PB
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780515038750
Publisher: Pyramid Books  1975

Min Price: $9.00
Max Price: $75.05
Median Price: $21.98
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