The Shadow #141

Double Z, Death on Ice and Death Paints a Picture

by Maxwell Grant

The Dark Avenger crushes crime in two pulp thrillers by "Maxwell Grant" and a lost Shadow radio adventure by Walter B. Gibson—with a Postscript by legendary artist JIM STERANKO!

First, a master crook known only as "Double Z" terrorizes New York with serial slayings that are publicized in advance!

Then, The Shadow investigates violent "Death on Ice" at a mountain resort, as the Fool Killer stalks helpless victims!

BONUS: "Death Paints a Picture" in a long-lost Shadow radio script.

This instant collector’s item leads off with a striking color pulp cover by George Rozen and showcases all the original interior pulp illustrations, with supporting commentary by pulp historian Will Murray.

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The Shadow #141
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781608772599
Publisher: Sanctum Books


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