The Shadow #43

The Key and The Case of Congressman Coyd

by Maxwell Grant

The Knight of Darkness battles supercrime in two unusual thrillers that showcase his most enigmatic agent, Burbank!

The Key to an empty safe deposit box unlocks a winding trail of treachery that leads to a million dollar secret.

Then, what is behind the bizarre reversal of a veteran lawmaker whose controversial deregulation proposal will enrish shady business interests? Find out in The Case of Congressman Coyd.

Plus, a new historical essay from Will Murray.

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The Shadow #43
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781608770373      ISBN 10: 1608770370
Publisher: Sanctum Books  2010

Min Price: $11.21
Max Price: $39.50
Median Price: $17.42
# Books: 6


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