The Shadow #64

Death Rides The Subway

by Maxwell Grant

The Master of Darkness investigates baffling mysteries in two classic pulp novels by Walter B. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant."

First, The Shadow must unravel the baffling mystery of The Ribbon Clues to stop a serial killer and unearth hidden millions!

Then, to unmask a diabolical super-crook, The Shadow follows a bizarre trail of murder that leads from San Francisco to Chicago and Manhattan as Death Rides the Skyway in an thrill-packed tale of industrial sabotage and deadly greed.

This instant collector's item showcases both classic pulp covers by George Rozen and the original interior illustrations by legendary artist Tom Lovell, with historical commentary by Will Murray.

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The Shadow #64
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781608770892
Publisher: Sanctum Books

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The Shadow #64
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781608770885      ISBN 10: 1608770885
Publisher: Sanctum Books  2012


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