The Shadow #82

The Spy Ring and The White Column

by Maxwell Grant

The Knight of Darkness battles saboteurs and Fifth Columnists in two classic prewar tales of espionage by Walter B. Gibson and Theodore Tinsley writing as Maxwell Grant.

The Spy Ring: The Shadow teams with Myra Reldon and the real Lamont Cranston to defeat an international Spy Ring.

The White Column: America's future hangs in the balance as Nazi saboteurs on The White Column plot to cripple our nation's defenses!

Also, "Dead Men Don't Breathe", a Sheridan Doome thriller by Steve Fisher writing as Stephen Gould.

Plus, a radio classic "Death Rides the Subway".

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The Shadow #82
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781608771370      ISBN 10: 1608771377
Publisher: Sanctum Books  2014

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