The Shadow #9

Lingo / Partners in Peril

by Maxwell Grant

The "Knight of Darkness" in two historic novels that gave birth to Batman! First, a powerful new underworld kingpin crosses swords with The Shadow in Lingo, which inspired Batman's "Batarang."

In Partners of Peril, by Theodore Tinsley, Lamont Cranston investigates chemical syndicate murders in the crime thriller that serves as the model for Batman’s debut adventure in Detective Comics #27.

This extra-long volume also reprints Tinsley's The Grim Joker, a 1936 tale featuring a clown-faced crime boss called 'The Joker'! PLUS: Will Murray documents the "Shadowy" origins of The Batman, and Anthony Tollin chronicles how "Partners in Peril" was adapted as the first Batman story. Cover by George Rozen; illustrations by Tom Lovell.

"With this astonishing discover, Anthony Tollin and Will Murray have rewritten the history of Batman. We always knew that Batman was inspired by The Shadow -- we just didn't know how much he was inspired by The Shadow!" -- Roy Thomas.

The Knight of Darkness proves that "Crime does not pay" in the classic pulp thrillers that inspired Batman's creators.

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The Shadow #9
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The Shadow #9
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