Soldier of Sidon

by Gene Wolfe

The third book in the Latro series from science fiction and fantasy master Gene Wolfe, Soldier of Sidon

Latro forgets everything when he sleeps. Writing down his experiences every day and reading his journal anew each morning gives him a poignantly tenuous hold on himself, but his story's hold on readers is powerful indeed. The two previous novels, combined in Latro in the Mist (Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete) are generally considered classics of contemporary fantasy.

Latro now finds himself in Egypt, a land of singing girls, of spiteful and conniving deities. Without his memory, he is unsure of everything, except for his desire to be free of the curse that causes him to forget.

Year First Published:2006

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Soldier of Sidon
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780765316646      ISBN 10: 0765316641
Publisher: Tor Books  2006

Min Price: $2.91
Max Price: $140.00
Median Price: $11.52
# Books: 26

Soldier of Sidon
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780765316707      ISBN 10: 0765316706
Publisher: Tor Books  2007

Min Price: $10.68
Max Price: $77.95
Median Price: $21.35
# Books: 15

Soldier of Sidon
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780765355881      ISBN 10: 0765355884
Publisher: Tor Fantasy  2010

Min Price: $3.66
Max Price: $73.70
Median Price: $11.17
# Books: 23


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