THE SPIDER #2: Sanctum Doubles

Devil's Paymaster and Benevolent Order of Death

by Grant Stockbridge

"Woe be to criminals who fell into the Spider's web. He'd often execute them before they had a chance to draw their guns." -- STERANKO

THE DEVIL'S PAYMASTERThe Devil's Paymaster deals torturous radioactive death, and only the Spider can restore honor to the Statue of Liberty!

THE BENEVOLENT ORDER OF DEATHNita infiltrates the supposedly patriotic Benevolent Order of Americans, and a new Spider arises after Richard Wentworth is shot in the back!

Plus, "A Certain Meeting" an untold tale by Norvell W. Page!

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THE SPIDER #2: Sanctum Doubles
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781608771103
Publisher: Sanctum Books

Min Price: $29.20
Max Price: $44.50
Median Price: $30.76
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