The Spider At Bay

by Grant Stockbridge

New York lay helpless under the heel of the Black Police, and when men dared oppose this ruinous reign of the Underworld, they were struck down by a frightful plague! No where, it seemed, was there succor for the defenseless. Even the Federal Government, which had stepped in to hold a New Deal, was beaten by intimidated votes at the polls.

For Richard Wentworth, as the Spider, had come down from his mountain retreat. With him was Stanley Kirkpatrick, former Commissioner of Police, and a whole fugitive legion of honest fighting men -- sworn to take the law in their own hands and strike blow for blow against the most monstrous criminal setup known to man!

Plus, a short story "The Witness From Hell" featuring Doc Turner by Arthur Leo Zagat and "Never Bet on a Corpse" by Leon Byrne.

First Published:1938

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