brings us the super-criminal IRON MAN from the December 1939 issue of The Spider Magazine.' />

The Spider: C&G #6

Slaves of the Laughing Death / Satan's Murder Machines

by Grant Stockbridge


An unseen weapon that drives men mad.... A green gas which turns smiling faces into leering skulls.... A master criminal who can assume at will any known identity.... Add to these separate menaces three big-game hunters sworn to destroy The Spider- and you have a situation in which the brilliance and courage of Dick Wentworth will thrill you as never before!

The man plunged headlong out of the drug store, into the street. He blundered into a parked car, caromed into the traffic. Some one shouted a warning; taxis screamed to a halt, but the man ran on...

His right hand lifted upward, jerkily, but did not quite touch his face. Then he knoted the fist until the knuckles were bone white, and thumped it frenziedly against his skull. A whimpering sound squeezed out between his teach.

His shoulder hit the door of the tall new apartment building on the corner and the glass jangled discordantly to the pavement. A uniformed attendant whirled indignantly to confront him and the man's hands reached out and set upon the attendant's shoulders and shook him like a child.

"Wentworth's apartment!" he panted. "In God's name, Wentworth's apartment!"

The attendant stared into the man's face and the indignation was sponged from his own. His cheeks sucked in for a shout he did not utter, the greyness crept under the skin.

"That elevator!" he gasped. "That one, there! Top floor!"

The man freed the attendant and reeled into the elevator. He shot out an arm to the control panel, and as the door slid shut, his face peered back from the dimness of the cage- a face marked by pain, inhuman in its agony. And it glistened, as if the skin budded with little electric flames- small greenish flames that glowed coldly!

The door slammed and the attendant shuddered. He hurried toward a small corner counter, behind which sat the telephone girl.

"Quick!" he gasped. "Quick! Call Mr. Wentworth's apartment. Tell him... Tell him there's a dead man coming up to see him!"

Originally published in the December, 1939 issue of The Spider Magazine.


Must New York bow down in abject terror before the relentless onslaughts of the IRON MAN?- The supercriminal who could direct gigantic steel robots to spill the blood of hundreds at his merest whim? . . . Richard Wentworth said no! Yet his only weapons with which to back his heroic denial were his few loyal aides, and the garb of The Spider, Master of Men! . . . The greatest Spider story ever told!

Feature two action packed pulp adventures: Slaves of the Laughing Death first hit the news stands in the March 1940 issue of The Spider Magazine. Then, Satan's Murder Machines brings us the super-criminal IRON MAN from the December 1939 issue of The Spider Magazine.

"The Iron Man!" he shrieked. "God save me! The iron man!"

And abruptly, Jackson had abandoned his position beside the traffic light. He turned and ran swiftly toward Wentworth, and he was reloading his automatic. Twice he twisted his head about to stare back across his shoulder.

"What is it, Jackson?" Wentworth snapped.

He had his own gun in his hand and was striding to meet his comrade. The policeman already had passed him, was scrambling toward the corner. Wentworth knew the cold tightening of horror in his own heart, for he was remembering those looted homes and the distorted bodies of the four murdered men. They had been literally torn apart. And now Jackson Fled, and a man screamed... "The Iron Man!"

Jackson whirled, and at the street's mouth, the policeman shouted hoarsely and unintelligibly... and then Wentworth saw- and he knew why the watchman had screamed, and why Jackson had been stiff with fright; and how four living men had been torn apart!

The thing stood there for an instant beneath the swaying street light, a monster of steel, an iron man! Its head towered almost to that light, and the red glare from the traffic signal spilled like lucent blood across a gigantic torso. Arms swung from ponderous shoulders and the head- the head was a replica of the helmet tattooed upon the Drexler watchman's chest! Two blank eyes that were plates of glass glared emptily; the mouth had teeth like a steam-shovel- and the empty glare of those awful eyes was fixed upon Wentworth!

Originally published in the December, 1939 issue of The Spider Magazine

Year First Published:1993

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The Spider: C&G #6
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