The Spider: C&G #5

Judgement of the Damned / Master of the Flaming Horde

by Grant Stockbridge

Double the action with Judgement of the Damned from June 1940 and then Master of the Flaming Horde and the November 1937 issue of The Spider Magazine.


There was only one way for Richard Wentworth to attack judge Torture's ghastly organization of terror. That was for Dick, in the guise of the sinister Spider, to take full responsibility for the mutilated, twisted corpses Judge Torture had strewn about the city!

The bailiff of Judge Torture permitted a wintry smile to cross his lips. "Joseph Briscoe," he said, "come with me!"

Briscoe cried out, "No, No, I won't come!"

Wentworth heard him take a step forward, and then another. They were laborious steps. He was fighting against them. He was shouting his protests... and still he walked toward the bailiff with the tip-staff, obeying while he insisted that he would not obey!

"This has gone far enough," Wentworth said shortly. "Drop that tip-staff!"

The bailiff swung his eyes toward Wentworth. His fist gripped the wand more resolutely, and its metal tip was pointed toward Briscoe. Apparently, that harmless looking wand of metal-tipped wood contained the power to drag Briscoe forward against his will! And it had heated the gun from Briscoe's hand!

"I have given the ritualistic warning," the bailiff said harshly. "Do not interfere...under pain of Judge Torture's displeasure!"

Originally published in the June, 1940 issue of The Spider Magazine.


A mass-murder weapon, too horrible for war, was sweeping New York with fire- under the barbaric, pitiless direction of the Master of the Flame Men! First warning of the unseen cloud of death was a breath of tainted air that transformed a sombre populace into a laughing, drunken riot. Then came a blast that would smash a skyscraper into bits.... From the charred and twisted embers of the towering holocaust, Richard Wentworth rose, in the fear-inspiring guise of The Spider, to smoke the arson assassin out from behind the machine guns of his flame-cloaked bodyguard- and fight for the lives of a reeling, giggling people too blind-drunk to flee!

Wentworth stared narrowly into Martinez' face and, with a curious sense of dread, he felt something of the man's exhiliration creep into his own blood. His breathing was more rapid and he sensed a peculiar and stimulating freshness in the air. He caught Martinez' arm.

"Come away!" he ordered sharply. "There's treachery here!"

Martinez wrenched free and staggered on uncertain feet, and Wentworth felt, with a rising apprehension, an almost overwhelming impulse to laugh, felt a swaggering strength that prompted him, too, to battle! Coldness crept up his back. There was something fiendish here!

"Martinez!" His voice rasped. "Come inside. At once! This is a trap of some sort. It- "

A shot from the shadows where the men lurked cut him short. Wentworth heard the bullet whisper by, and his reaction was lightning swift. With a straight-arm thrust, he sent Martinez reeling out of the spot of light beneath the street lamp, leaped clear and flung himself to earth as he snapped out an answering shot...

A searing gust struck Wentworth across the face, spun him rolling along the street for a dozen feet. He heard a woman's scream and then a man was shrieking terribly. For a moment, he had the crazy idea that his automatic had exploded suddenly in his own hand. He tried to thrust himself to his feet and failed, brought his mighty will into play and reeled erect, stood swaying groggily. His faltering, half-blinded eyes swept over the street and for the first time since the blast, he saw Martinez. It was Martinez who was shrieking- no, screaming like a woman- in nameless terror!

Martinez was running with great bouding strides, and nothing of him could be seen at all. He was wrapped from head to foot in a cloak of flames that seemed to feed upon his very flesh! As Wentworth fought his numbed senses, and took the first faltering steps forward to help, he saw Martinez slam against a brick wall and rebound, still screaming, whirl and race blindly in the opposite direction across the street. Wentworth tried to shout, to call him, and sound scarcely passed his lips. Martinez fell, and after a moment the screems stopped, though the flames still danced brightly above him- though they twirled and flapped and flaunted their torturing spires gaily above him.

Originally published in the November, 1937 issue of The Spider Magazine.

Year First Published:1992

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