Strip Tease

by Carl Hiaasen

From the bestselling author of Razor Girl, suspense and hilarity combine with greed and political corruption in the tale of a Florida stripper, a sex-obsessed congressman, a heart-of-gold bouncer, a political fixer, and a touch of blackmail.

Only in America could an innocent, if drunken, guest of honor at a strip club bachelor party become a mortal threat against Big Money and Big Government. Only in South Florida, land of roadside honky-tonks and sinister pleasure boats--not to mention blackmail and murder--would a virtuous topless dancer join forces with a cool but clueless cop. And only in the fiction of Carl Hiaasen do readers experience riveting suspense, razor-sharp characters, and the most wicked humor imaginable.

Strip Tease is a tale of savage appetites and sweet justice.

First Published:1993

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Strip Tease
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Strip Tease
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Strip Tease
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Strip Tease
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Strip Tease
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