Taming a Sea-Horse

by Robert B. Parker

A high-class New York madam hires Spenser to find a missing hooker, But when Spenser tracks down April Kyle, he uncovers the murder of yet another prostitute.

Now Spenser is searching through a world of sex for sale. Because somewhere between Boston and a kinky Caribbean club, someone has a taste for young women, big money, and murder. . . .

Nice girls don't. But blond, beautiful April Kyle does. She's a hooker hooked on the wrong guy -- and she's on her way to trouble. So is Spenser.

Looking out for April has landed him in the crud of Times Square. It's not a long way to big-business boardrooms where blood money get laundered into long green, sex is a commodity, and young girls are the currency.

First Published:1986

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Taming a Sea-Horse
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Publisher: Delacorte Press  1986

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Taming a Sea-Horse
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Taming a Sea-Horse
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ISBN: 9780140099010      ISBN 10: 0140099018
Publisher: Penguin Books  1988

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