The Best of Gene Wolfe

A Definitive Retrospective of His Finest Short Fiction

by Gene Wolfe

The Best of Gene Wolfe is the definitive collection of the best of Gene Wolfe's short fiction.

One of the greatest writers in genre (and literary fiction) of the 20th century, Gene Wolfe was a national treasure who produced the finest and most significant body of short fiction in the SF and fantasy field over the last fifty years. The Best of Gene Wolfe is an amazing retrospective collection of his short fiction, selected by Wolfe himself.

Too many award winners and Best Of stories to list here; just as a sample we have "The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories", "The Fifth Head of Cerberus", "Petting Zoo", "The Tree Is My Hat", "Seven American Nights", and "A Cabin on the Coast".

Incredible tales from a writer who challenged and amazed. Who revolutionized the genre.

And whose stories will stand the test of time.

"Wolfe is our Melville."--Ursula K. Le Guin

First Published:2009
Short Story/Novella Collection

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The Best of Gene Wolfe
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The Best of Gene Wolfe
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