The Black Lodge

by Robert Weinberg

Few know its name. All fear its power


In an old Chicago railroad house, a crack dealer is robbing his customer--a huge, shrouded figure with a thousand in cold cash and a featureless face. The pusher empties his .44 into the man, who is slammed against a wall by the bullets' force. But he rises unharmed--and slowly approaches his attacker with a meat cleaver. "My turn," he utters calmly. He's the dark man, a force of evil...


In his office across town, psychic detective Sid Taine takes the case of beautiful socialite Evangeline Caldwell. She describes her husband Victor's association with the Black Lodge, and the threats against him by the mysterious Arelim--a name Taine recognizes as the master of white magic known through the centuries as the Avenging Angel, a force for good...


Sid Taine is about to uncover the secrets of the Dark Man and Victor Caldwell--and much more. On the stage of a vast, big-city arena, the terrifying heart of the Black Lodge will stand revealed to him in an apocalyptic showdown between good and evil...

WARNING: Intended for a mature audience. Contains scenes and language which may include violence and graphic sex. This should not be ordered by those who may be offended by this material or by those under the age of eighteen.

First Published: 1991

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The Black Lodge
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780671701086      ISBN 10: 0671701088
Publisher: Pocket Books  1991

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