The Plot Against America

by Philip Roth

Philip Roth's bestselling alternate history novel--the chilling story of what happens to one family when America elects a charismatic, isolationist president.

In an extraordinary feat of narrative invention, Philip Roth imagines an alternate history where Franklin D. Roosevelt loses the 1940 presidential election to heroic aviator and rabid isolationist Charles A. Lindbergh.

Shortly thereafter, Lindbergh negotiates a cordial understanding with Adolf Hitler, while the new government embarks on a program of folksy anti-Semitism.

For one boy growing up in Newark, Lindbergh's election is the first in a series of ruptures that threaten to destroy his small, safe corner of America-and with it, his mother, his father, and his older brother.

First Published: 2004

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The Plot Against America
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The Plot Against America
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The Plot Against America
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