The Wizard

by Gene Wolfe

The Wizard begins with Able's return to Mythgathr on his steed Cloud, a great mare the color of her name. Able is filled with new knowledge of the ways of the seven-fold world and possessed of great magical secrets. His knighthood now beyond question, Able works to fulfill his vows to his king, his lover, his friends, his gods, and even his enemies. Able must set his world right, restoring the proper order among the denizens of all the seven worlds.

The Wizard is a charming, riveting, emotionally charged tale of wonders, written with all the beauty one would expect from a writer whom Damon Knight called "a national treasure." If you've never sampled the works of the man Michael Swanwick described as "the greatest writer in the English language alive today," the two volumes of The Wizard Knight are the perfect place to start.

First Published: 2004

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The Wizard
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ISBN: 9780765312013      ISBN 10: 0765312018
Publisher: Tor Books  2004

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The Wizard
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Publisher: Tor Books  2005

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The Wizard
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ISBN: 9780765350503      ISBN 10: 0765350505
Publisher: Tor Fantasy  2006

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