When the Waker Sleeps

by Ron Goulart

You've heard of the mad scientist's beautiful daughter? Well, Nat Kobean made the mistake of taking a pass at the mad scientist's beautiful wife....and thereby became a guinea pig for Dr. Dumpus's Dose.

The dose was a serum that would enable one to travel into the future by naps of fifty years duration. The unsolved part of the experiment was that the sleepers would only stay awake a limited time before falling asleap again for another half century.

So when Nat woke up fifty years later he had to act fast to find an antidote. But an antidote in a world so changed was a problem that required too much time to locate. So it was back to sleep and up again and back to sleep and up again.....

And what kept happening to the world while the Waker slept makes Ron Goulart's new novel, a mad, mad version of the Wellsian classic of when the Sleeper woke.

First Published: 1975

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When the Waker Sleeps
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780879972103      ISBN 10: 0879972106
Publisher: DAW  1975

Min: $4.12
Max: $12.00
Median: $7.50
# Books: 8


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