Whipping Star

by Frank Herbert

In the far future, humankind has made contact with numerous other species: Gowachin, Laclac, Wreaves, Pan Spechi, Taprisiots, and Caleban, and has helped to form the ConSentiency to govern among the species. After suffering under a tyrannous pure democracy, the sentients of the galaxy find the need for a Bureau of Sabotage (BuSab) to slow the wheels of government, thereby preventing it from legislating recklessly. BuSab is allowed to sabotage and harass the governmental, administrative, and economic powers in the ConSentiency. Private citizens must not be harassed, and vital functions of society are also exempt.

Jorj X. McKie is a born troublemaker who has become one of BuSab's best agents. Drafted for the impossible task of establishing meaningful communication with an utterly alien entity who defies understanding, McKie finds himself racing against time to prevent a mad billionairess from wiping out all life in the ConSentiency.

First Published:1970

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Whipping Star
Format: Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9780425019092      ISBN 10: 0425019098
Publisher: Berkley Medallion  1970

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Whipping Star
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Publisher: Berkley Books  1978

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Whipping Star
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ISBN: 9780517403013      ISBN 10: 0517403013
Publisher: Avenel Books  1984

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Whipping Star
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9780425069974      ISBN 10: 0425069974
Publisher: Berkley Books  1984

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Whipping Star
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780765317759      ISBN 10: 0765317753
Publisher: Tor Books  2009

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