Winter Tides

by James P. Blaylock

Fifteen years ago, on a deserted California beach, Dave Quinn swam out into the winter ocean to save two drowning girls - identical twin sisters. He was only able to save one.

Now, years last, he meets Anne, a strugglng artist from Canada. He has no idea she is the child he saved so long ago. And he has no idea that Elinor, the long-dead sister he couldn't save, has come with her...


"... a singular American fabulist." -- William Gibson

"This story of good and evil siblings examines how we all learn to live with who we are, and does so through supple writing and a tense and carefully executed plot... Blaylock combines the supernatural with a deep understanding of contemporary California and human nature, producing a book with appeal for both fantasy fans and readers of realistic fiction." -- Publishers Weekly

"Vivid descriptions and deft characterisations... Winter Tides exposes the underbelly of human nature" -- Library Journal

"One creepy, creepy book... Blaylock will scare you to death with a minimum of splatter and maximum of tension, Hitchcock-style. I read Winter Tides in one long sitting and found my heart wouldn't stop racing." -- Woodland Hills Daily News (California)

First Published:1997

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Winter Tides
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Winter Tides
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Publisher: Ace Books  1998

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