World Series

by John R. Tunis

Roy Tucker and his Brooklyn Dodgers teammates summon every ounce of their collective skill to fight for the greatest title in baseball--World Series champs.

In only his second year in the major leagues, Roy Tucker is thrilled to be playing in a World Series—but with the Brooklyn Dodgers, victory is never certain.

The Brooklyn Dodgers have finally made it to the World Series, after years of losing seasons and disappointments. Roy Tucker, the kid from Tomkinsville, is excited about the series, and also about the prospect of a little extra money to send home to his grandmother in Connecticut.

The Cleveland Indians are now all that stands between the Dodgers and their first-ever championship. But this seven-game series could be the longest they’ve ever played, plagued by injuries, setbacks, and early losses.

Will Tucker and his Brooklyn teammates finally have their moment of glory?

First Published:1941

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World Series
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World Series
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World Series
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World Series
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