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    All-American by John R. Tunis

When a sports rivalry nearly turns deadly, Ronald Perry finds himself caught between what he knows and what he knows is right.

Year: 1942
Genre: Football

    Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich

It begins as a publicity stunt: a singer parading a jaguar on a leash. But then the killer cat escapes into the heart of a South American city and soon a woman is found torn to death. As the police search for the jaguar, one man looks deeper--for a creature more terrible than any jungle beast . . .

Year: 1942
Genre: Noir Fiction

    Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie

Beautiful Caroline Crale was convicted of poisoning her husband, yet there were five other suspects: Philip Blake (the stockbroker) who went to market; Meredith Blake (the amateur herbalist) who stayed at home; Elsa Greer (the three-time divorcee) who had roast beef; Cecilia Williams (the devoted governess) who had none; and Angela Warren (the disfigured sister) who cried ‘wee wee wee’ all the way home. It is sixteen years later, but Hercule Poirot just can’t get that nursery rhyme out of his mind.

Year: 1942
Genre: Cold CaseMurder Mystery

    Phantom Lady by Cornell Woolrich

A man is first accused, and then convicted, of murdering his wife. As his execution date approaches, his friends and a sympathetic detective frantically search for his alibi, a woman with whom he’d gone to a Broadway show the night of the murder. None of the people who saw them together recall the woman.

Year: 1942
Genre: Noir Fiction

    Return of the Racket Kings by Grant Stockbridge

To the grim, staccato music of tommy-guns and the crashing overtones of "pineapples", there rose once more the murderous gangs of the bootleg crazy Twenties. Could the Spider protect his country, on three separate seething crime fronts -- even was the Weasel and the Snake closed in for the kill -- and Kirkpatrick's gun blasted his last brilliant strategy

Year: 1942




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1942All-American by John R. Tunis Football
1942Army of the Damned by Grant Stockbridge
1942Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich Noir Fiction
1942Death and the Spider by Grant Stockbridge
1942Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie Cold Case, Murder Mystery, Hercule Poirot
1942Hell Rolls on the Highway by Grant Stockbridge
1942Murder's Legionaires by Grant Stockbridge
1942Pangs of the Dragon by Grant Stockbridge
1942Phantom Lady by Cornell Woolrich Noir Fiction
1942Return of the Racket Kings by Grant Stockbridge
1942Revolt of the Underworld by Grant Stockbridge
1942Slaves of the Ring by Grant Stockbridge
1942The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie Cozy Detective , Miss Marple
1942The Gentleman From Hell by Grant Stockbridge
1942The High Window by Raymond Chandler Extortion, Hardboiled Detective, Philip Marlowe
1942The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie Cozy Detective , Miss Marple
1942The Spider and the Death Piper by Grant Stockbridge
1942The Spider and the Flame King by Grant Stockbridge
1942Zara: Master of Murder by Grant Stockbridge





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