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    April Evil by John D. MacDonald

Harry Mullin had hit town first. But he had just made the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, and he was a little nervous about being seen. Then Ace turned up. He'd been good in his day but had lost something in the guts department. But the last one in town was Ronnie. Ronnie had killed 12 men and two women in seven years and had gotten to like his job - maybe a little too much ...

Year: 1956
Genre: Suspense

    Cop Hater by Ed McBain

As a cop with the city's famed 87th Precinct, Steve Carella has seen it all. Or so he thinks. Because nothing can prepare him for the sight that greets him on a sweltering July night: fellow detective Mike Reardon's dead body splayed across the sidewalk, his face blown away by a .45. Days later, Reardon's partner is found dead, a .45-caliber bullet buried deep in his chest. Only a fool would call it a coincidence, and Carella's no fool.

Year: 1956
Genre: Police Procedural

    Cry Hard, Cry Fast by John D. MacDonald

A gunman on the run, a seventeen-year-old girl on a family vacation, a jaded working girl, a guilt-stricken widower, an abandoned mistress. All heading fast down a route to sudden death. Then for one horrifying instant their lives are frozen in time, when a Cadillac drives at speed into oncoming traffic.

Year: 1956
Genre: Noir Fiction

    Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie

When a mock murder game staged for charity threatens to turn into the real thing, the intrepid Hercule Poirot is called in to take part in this Dead Man's Folly, a classic from the queen of suspense, Agatha Christie.

Year: 1956
Genre: Murder MysterySuspense

    Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming

With a sparkling trail of smuggled gems as bait, Diamonds Are Forever leads Bond on a globe-hopping mission where deadly assassins lurk behind every corner.

Year: 1956
Genre: Espionage

    Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein

"Lorenzo the Great" -a down-and-out actor wasting the remainder of his life in bars, encounters a space-pilot who offers him a drink, before he knows what is going on, he is on Mars involved in a deep conspiracy with global consequences. He is given a mission where failure would not only mean his own death, it would almost certainly mean an all-out planetary war.

Year: 1956
Genre: Political SF

    Escape from Five Shadows by Elmore Leonard

It was supposed to be impossible. No man could break out of the brutal convict labor camp at Five Shadows. Until they locked up Bowen. He was like dynamite--charged to go off, to explode out of that desert hell so he could clear his name.

Year: 1956
Genre: Prison

    Hurricane by John D. MacDonald

A hurricane of terrifying intensity is looming over Florida. Along a state highway, a handful of foolhardy souls trying to outrun the storm are forced to seek shelter in an abandoned house. Thrown together by nothing more than chance, this disparate bunch of misfits seek refuge from the awesome power of nature becomes a sort of grand and grisly hotel - especially once the invisible hand of flying death descends.

Year: 1956
Genre: Suspense

    Plague Ship by Andre Norton

The Solar Queen and her crew have the trading rights to the wealthy planet Sargol, But to take advantage of them and see a any return on their investment they must fight the Reptilian Gorp, negotiate with the cat-like Salariki, and find a cure for the sleeping sickness that has caused the Solar Queen to be called a plague ship and which has other ships looking to destroy them on sight.

Year: 1956
Genre: Action & Adventure SF

    Shoot the Piano Player by David Goodis

Once upon a time Eddie played conert piano to reverent audiences at Carnegie Hall. Now he bangs out honky-tonk for drunks in a dive in Philadelphia. But then two people walk into Eddie's life--the first promising Eddie a future, the other dragging him back into a treacherous past.

Year: 1956
Genre: Noir Fiction




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1956April Evil by John D. MacDonald Suspense
1956Cop Hater by Ed McBain Police Procedural, 87th Precinct
1956Cry Hard, Cry Fast by John D. MacDonald Noir Fiction
1956Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie Murder Mystery, Suspense, Hercule Poirot
1956Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming Espionage, James Bond 007
1956Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein Political SF, Mars, Moon
1956Escape from Five Shadows by Elmore Leonard Prison
1956Hurricane by John D. MacDonald Suspense, Florida
1956Plague Ship by Andre Norton Action & Adventure SF
1956Shoot the Piano Player by David Goodis Noir Fiction, Philadelphia
1956The Barbarous Coast by Ross Macdonald Missing Person, Private Eye, Lew Archer
1956The Case of the Gilded Lily by Erle Stanley Gardner Extortion, Perry Mason
1956The Case of the Terrified Typist by Erle Stanley Gardner Missing Person, Perry Mason
1956The Incredible Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson Horror, Science Fiction
1956The Meaning of Yalta by Forrest C. Pogue Non-Fiction
Big Three Diplomacy and the New Balance of Power
1956The Mugger by Ed McBain Police Procedural, 87th Precinct
1956The Pusher by Ed McBain Police Procedural, Drug Dealing, 87th Precinct
1956The World Jones Made by Philip K. Dick Science Fiction
1956Time For The Stars by Robert A. Heinlein Action & Adventure SF, Space Exploration, Heinlein's Juveniles
1956You Live Once by John D. MacDonald Murder Mystery





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