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    A Savage Place by Robert B. Parker

In a city of beautiful women Candy Sloan wants to be more than a pretty face. So Spenser is hired to bodyguard the L.A. TV reporter while she pursues a story of mob influence in the movie business. For the Boston P.I., the headlines in Hollywood are being written in blood and tears—as some people shoot film, and others choose guns...

Year: 1981
Genre: Private Eye

    A Stab in the Dark by Lawrence Block

Louis Pinell, the recently apprehended "Icepick Prowler," freely admits to having slain seven young women nine years ago -- but be swears it was a copycat who killed Barbara Ettinger Matthew Scudder believes him. But the trail to Ettinger's true murderer is twisted, dark and dangerous...and even colder than the almost decade-old corpse the p.i. is determined to avenge.

Year: 1981
Genre: Hardboiled DetectiveSerial Killer

    At Dawn We Slept by Gordon W. Prange

At 7:53 a.m., December 7, 1941, America's national consciousness and confidence were rocked as the first wave of Japanese warplanes took aim at the U.S. Naval fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor. As intense and absorbing as a suspense novel, At Dawn We Slept is the unparalleled and exhaustive account of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Year: 1981
Genre: Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Bread Upon the Waters by Irwin Shaw

With one act of kindness, the fate of a Manhattan family is forever altered in this bestselling novel by the author of Rich Man, Poor Man. Bread Upon the Waters is a masterful story about the way lives interconnect, and how every good deed, no matter how selfless, comes with a price.

Year: 1981
Genre: Family Drama

    Brinkman by Ron Goulart

Brinkman is street-wise, moving with assurance down the mean streets of the future, through an America where life in the slums is an unrelenting grind of parsimonious welfare and petty thievery. He is determined to make a better life for himself; Brinkman is a young man who will go far . . . Too far, in fact.

Year: 1981
Genre: Near Future

    Cujo by Stephen King

Outside a peaceful town in central Maine, a monster is waiting. Cujo is a two-hundred-pound Saint Bernard, the best friend Brett Camber has ever had. One day, Cujo chases a rabbit into a cave inhabited by sick bats and emerges as something new altogether. What happens to Cujo, how he becomes a horrifying vortex inescapably drawing in all the people around him, makes for one of the most heart-stopping novels Stephen King has ever written.

Year: 1981
Genre: Horror

    Danse Macabre by Stephen King

From the author of dozens of bestsellers and the creator of many unforgettable movies comes a vivid, intelligent, and nostalgic journey through three decades of horror as experienced through the eyes of the most popular writer in the genre.

Year: 1981
Genre: on Horror

    Fletch and the Widow Bradley by Gregory Mcdonald

Young Fletch visits the widow Bradley to ask a few simple questions. But her strange demeanor and puzzling answers leave Fletch perplexed. He can't help but wonder: Why would a dead man still be writing memos to his associates? Is he even dead?

Year: 1981
Genre: Investigative Reporter

    Free Fall in Crimson by John D. MacDonald

He was rich, mean, and slowly succumbing to cancer--until someone hastened the inevitable by beating him to death at a Florida truck stop. Now Ellis Esterland's son wants Travis McGee to find out who killed his estranged father. The quest to recover Ron's money takes McGee from Hollywood to the Midwest, where he confronts prostitution rings and drug deals gone wrong. McGee starts to lose sight of who he really is.

Year: 1981

    God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

Millennia have passed on Arrakis, and the once-desert planet is green with life. Leto Atreides, the son of the world's savior, the Emperor Paul Muad'Dib, is still alive but far from human. To preserve humanity's future, he sacrificed his own by merging with a sandworm, granting him near immortality as God Emperor of Dune for the past thirty-five hundred years.

Year: 1981
Genre: Science FictionSoft SF




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1981A Savage Place by Robert B. Parker Private Eye, Spenser
1981A Stab in the Dark by Lawrence Block Hardboiled Detective, Serial Killer, Matthew Scudder
1981At Dawn We Slept by Gordon W. Prange Non-Fiction
The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor
1981Bread Upon the Waters by Irwin Shaw Family Drama, New York City
1981Brinkman by Ron Goulart Near Future, Fragmented America
1981Cujo by Stephen King Horror
1981Danse Macabre by Stephen King on Horror, Non-Fiction
1981Fletch and the Widow Bradley by Gregory Mcdonald Investigative Reporter, Fletch
1981Free Fall in Crimson by John D. MacDonald Travis McGee
1981God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert Science Fiction, Soft SF, Dune Saga
1981Night Probe! by Clive Cussler Action, Espionage, Dirk Pitt
1981Noble House by James Clavell Suspense, Hong Kong
1981Rabbit Is Rich by John Updike Literature, Rabbit
1981Red Dragon by Thomas Harris Psychological Thriller, Serial Killer, Hannibal Lecter
1981Reinhart's Women by Thomas Berger Humor, Satire, Suburbia, Carlo Reinhart
1981Shadow Man: The Life of Dashiell Hammett by Richard Laymon Biography, Non-Fiction
1981Split Images by Elmore Leonard Murder Mystery, Florida
1981Telling Lies for Fun & Profit by Lawrence Block on Writing, Non-Fiction
1981The Buck Passes Flynn by Gregory Mcdonald Police Procedural, Flynn
1981The Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick Science Fiction, VALIS Trilogy
1981The Glitter Dome by Joseph Wambaugh Police Procedural
1981The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving Family Saga
1981Valis by Philip K. Dick Alternate Reality, VALIS Trilogy
1981With the Old Breed by Eugene B. Sledge World War II, Non-Fiction
At Peleliu and Okinawa
1981Zuckerman Unbound by Philip Roth Literature, Zuckerman





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