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    2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke

Nine years after the disastrous Discovery mission to Jupiter in 2001, a joint U.S.-Soviet expedition sets out to rendezvous with the derelict spacecraft; to search the memory banks of the mutinous computer HAL 9000 for clues to what went wrong . . . and what became of Commander Dave Bowman.

Year: 1982
Genre: Space Exploration

    A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

READ THE SENSATIONAL BLOCKBUSTER THAT STARTED IT ALL! Take it from the top in bestselling author Sue Grafton's knockout thriller that introduced detective Kinsey Millhone--and a hot new attitude--to crime fiction...

Year: 1982
Genre: MysteryPrivate Eye

    Acceptable Losses by Irwin Shaw

Irwin Shaw’s gripping final novel about a mysterious phone call that threatens to derail a man’s life. Roger Damon is a literary agent at the top of his field, but with one anonymous phone call, his lifebegins to unravel.

Year: 1982
Genre: Noir Fiction

    Ask the Cards A Question by Marcia Muller

There's trouble in Sharon McCone's quiet San Francisco apartment building. Madame Anya, with her cards, her tamed crow, and her candles, had predicted evil for Molly Antonio. Linnea Carraway, drinking heavily and careening in the wake of a divorce, had argued with her. Now the sweet, elderly lady lies dead in her apartment. Linnea, last to see Molly alive, is the prime suspect, and if Sharon means to clear her best friend, she has to find the murderer fast.

Year: 1982
Genre: Murder MysteryPrivate Eye

    Cat Chaser by Elmore Leonard

George Moran isn't looking for trouble but finds it anyway when he winds up in bed with the wife of a drug-dealing mob-connected Dominican cop - vicious, macho and ready to follow George to the ends of the earth, which in this case means Miami.

Year: 1982
Genre: Crime Fiction

    Ceremony by Robert B. Parker

The house looked right. And the neighborhood was perfect. And everything else was wrong. So Spenser took the parents' money and went after a runaway girl. Unfortunately, April Kyle had already traveled two lifetimes from her suburban home. Now she was caught up in a web of pimps, criminals, and exploiters--the kind of people who won't listen to anything but money, or a gun. . . .

Year: 1982
Genre: Private Eye

    Cinnamon Skin by John D. MacDonald

In the Florida Keys, a houseboat explodes in a giant white flash, instantly killing the honeymooners onboard. Travis McGee's best friend, Meyer, loses not only his home and every single thing in it but his last living relative. Now he wants answers. And he and McGee plan to get them--or die trying.

Year: 1982

    Deadeye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut

Deadeye Dick is Kurt Vonnegut's funny, chillingly satirical look at the death of innocence. Amid a true Vonnegutian host of horrors--a double murder, a fatal dose of radioactivity, a decapitation, an annihilation of a city by a neutron bomb--Rudy Waltz, aka Deadeye Dick, takes us along on a zany search for absolution and happiness. Here is a tale of crime and punishment that makes us rethink what we believe . . . and who we say we are.

Year: 1982
Genre: Satire

    Different Seasons: Four Novellas by Stephen King

A "hypnotic" collection of four novellas--including the inspirations behind the films Stand By Me and The Shawshank Redemption--from Stephen King, bound together by the changing of seasons, each taking on the theme of a journey with strikingly different tones and characters.

Year: 1982
Genre: PrisonSuspense

    Eight Million Ways to Die by Lawrence Block

Nobody knows better than Matthew Scudder how far down a person can sink in this city. A young prostitute named Kim knew it also--and she wanted out. The alcoholic ex-cop turned p.i. was supposed to protect her, but someone slashed her to ribbons on a crumbling New York City waterfront pier. Now finding Kim's killer will be Scudder's penance.

Year: 1982
Genre: Hardboiled Detective




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19822010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke Space Exploration, A Space Odyssey
1982A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton Mystery, Private Eye, Kinsey Millhone
1982Acceptable Losses by Irwin Shaw Noir Fiction
1982Ask the Cards A Question by Marcia Muller Murder Mystery, Private Eye, Sharon McCone, San Francisco
1982Cat Chaser by Elmore Leonard Crime Fiction, Miami
1982Ceremony by Robert B. Parker Private Eye, Spenser
1982Cinnamon Skin by John D. MacDonald Travis McGee
1982Deadeye Dick by Kurt Vonnegut Satire
1982Different Seasons: Four Novellas by Stephen King Suspense, Prison, Short Stories
1982Eight Million Ways to Die by Lawrence Block Hardboiled Detective, Matthew Scudder
1982Fletch's Moxie by Gregory Mcdonald Murder Mystery, Investigative Reporter, Fletch
1982Foundation's Edge by Isaac Asimov Science Fiction, Foundation
1982Friday by Robert A. Heinlein Science Fiction
1982Gun in Cheek by Bill Pronzini Mystery, on Writing, on Pulp Fiction
An Affectionate Guide to the "worst" in Mystery Fiction
1982Indemnity Only by Sara Paretsky Missing Person, Private Eye, V.I. Warshawski, Chicago
1982Magyar Massacre by Gregory St. Germain Action, Resistance
Resistance: 2
1982Miracle at Midway by Gordon W. Prange Non-Fiction
1982Night and Fog by Gregory St. Germain Action, WWII: Europe, Resistance
Resistance: 1
1982Shoeless Joe by W P Kinsella Magical Realism, Baseball
1982Space by James A. Michener Technological Thriller
1982Sword & Citadel by Gene Wolfe Science Fiction, The Book of the New Sun
The Second Half of the Book of the New Sun
1982The Dark Wind by Tony Hillerman Police Procedural, Jim Chee, Joe Leaphorn
1982The Elfin Ship by James P. Blaylock Fantasy
1982The Girl of the Sea of Cortez by Peter Benchley Sea Stories
1982The Gunslinger by Stephen King Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Dark Tower
1982The Man from St. Petersburg by Ken Follett Espionage, World War I
1982The Miracle of Dunkirk by Walter Lord France
1982The Names by Don DeLillo Literature, Greece
1982The Parsifal Mosaic by Robert Ludlum Action, Espionage
1982The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K. Dick Science Fiction, VALIS Trilogy
1982Touch the Devil by Jack Higgins Terrorist
1982Two for Texas by James Lee Burke Historical, Westerns, Louisiana , Texas
1982White Plague by Frank Herbert Hard SF, Virus Pandemic





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